German Center for Robotics – DKR invites you to apply for commercial training in the field of programming KUKA robots of the latest generation, which will be held in the 3rd working week of the month of March this year, in DKR Center in Tuzla.

The concept of programming and using KUKA robots in the industry has been tested for many years. It’s based on intuitive, logically structured codes, optimal motion control, and cycle time optimization to maximize app cost-effectiveness from the start.

We offer a customized robot programming courses tailored to your individual or corporate needs.
If you need support for programming your application or simply want to build a career as a robot programmer from a scratch, contact us and choose one of the 2 offered levels of programming of KUKA robots in our center:


Base knowledge for managing and servicing industrial KUKA robots.

Duration: 16h (2 working days)

  • Security elements,
  • Basics of industrial robotics,
  • Manipulation of robot movement (space, speed, planes and directions)
  • Working errors,
  • Robot calibration,
  • Determining the coordinate system of the tool and the work object,
  • Changing the parameters of an existing programs
  • Running executive programs.


Detailed approach to industrial KUKA robotos including virtual environment.

Duration: 32h (4 working days)

  • Defining data types (input and output signals, type variables, position record)
  • Determining and use of an external TCP
  • Basics of programming and programming methods
  • Programming robot movement
  • Geometric and logical operators
  • Programming subroutines and functions
  • Syntax errors

Training includes: educational material, refreshments, tools and accessories for work, safety equipment and bilingual certificate for completed education.

The number of places is limited, you can make your application online by filling out the application form attached, which you can send by e-mail to: or personally at the center’s facilities every weekday from 08:00 to 16:00.

If you can’t decide right away which training is adequate for you, feel fre to contact us to: +387 35 230 321 or +387 61 724 724 and consult with experts.

The best qualified employees are the most valued resource of their company!

**Given the more favourable health and epidemiological situation in the Tuzla Canton, all conditions for training in smaller groups have been acquired with respect to epidemiological measures foreseen for the Tuzla Canton area.