DKR Center offers a robotic system for palletizing standard bags 350x500x130 mm, weighing 25 kg. Stacking cycle time 12 seconds for one bag, stacking capacity 300 bags/h. The system has two storage places for pallets, delivery of empty pallets and dispatch of full pallets is done manually.

Elements of the complete system:

  • Industrial robot, control unit and robot stand
  • Mechanical gripper with a combined capacity of 1×25 kg
  • Transporter for bags with a capacity of 50 kg
  • Control desk
  • Assembly of the cell
  • Commissioning
  • Education of two candidates


  • Robot type: KUKA/ABB/FANUC
  • Load capacity: min. 150 kg
  • Reach: 2800 mm
  • Standard protection
  • Power supply: 400 VAC
  • Cable length: 7 m
  • Repeatability (ISO 9283): +/- 0.05 mm
  • SmartPAD cable 10 m

Mechanical gripper

  • Mechanical gripper for bags in a combined design with a load capacity of 1×25 kg. Optionally, we offer grippers for bags with a larger capacity (2×25 kg, 3×25 kg, 1×50 kg, 2×50 kg…), but also grippers for other forms of transport units (bottles, buckets, boxes…)


System assembly and commissioning

  • The offer includes the installation of the system, connection and integration of all elements into one unit, and putting the system into operation.



  • Starting the robot and programming basic applications in agreement with the client.



  • Training of two employees on an industrial robot. Education is held before the commissioning, with the aim of timely training for system management.

Robotic cell control system


The creation of a physical interface through a control system based on Siemens S7-1200 programmable logic controller and HMI KTP 700. Cell management and program selection is performed by the operator through the HMI panel. As part of the control system, a control cabinet with an external control panel for starting the cycle will be delivered. (HMI and switches)

Optional extras

(According to customer requirements)

  • Pallet transport systems (chain or roller pallet conveyors) with integrated pallet storage,
  • Transport systems for the transport unit,
  • Dedicated mechanical grippers (bags, bottles, buckets, boxes…),
  • Adding a cardboard divider between each level of stacking,
  • Active and passive protection systems: fences, light barriers, sensors…,
  • A robot on a linear unit for serving several different loading positions…


For more information on how to implement such a cell, modernize production and achieve an advantage in the market, contact the German Center for Robotics – DKR.


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