Based on our modular principle, we offer robotic cells for palletizing cardboards, bottles and bags of different sizes with the function of automatic stacking on a pallete.

The offered system can be a part of an existing system and depending on customers’ needs it can be a part of a superior control system. Alternatively, it can perform an independent control function.

Depending on customers’ needs, we offer numerous components of a pallete system such as:

  • Automatic pallet storage
  • Protective foil wrapper
  • Different types of grippers (pneumatic, vacuum)
  • Roller and belt systems

Basic configurations of every system are:

  • Defined system capacity
  • Characteristics of the palletizing components
  • Number of different palletizing components
  • Required controlling method
  • Available installation space


We offer different robotic welding systems with MIG/MAG welding processes. The approach of selecting and building a robotic welding cell is based on our customer’s needs, while we are focused on choosing the optimal techno-economic solution.

All solutions are based on the usage of a rotating table with the possibility to choose different characteristics based on the needed welding process and the defined work tact. Furthermore, we offer different hardware and software solutions that make the welding process easier and more stable:

  • Automatic clamping devices
  • Active and passive monitoring and correcting of the weld path
  • Finding the exact weld position

In order to offer our customers various robotic welding system options, we co-operate with different industrial robot and welding equipment manufacturers.


According to our customers’ needs, we offer various types of special solutions in the field of robotics such as:

  • Pick and place solutions
  • CNC collaboration
  • Spot welding
  • Laser cutting and welding
  • Robot milling

According to the project task, we offer a large number of modular solutions for creating a dedicated robotic cell that will provide maximum functionality to the user.

The process of choosing and creating the final construction solution is done in close cooperation with the customer, where all robotic cell and technological process characteristics are made together.

DKR also develops and produces special machines according to our customers’ needs.