Once again we made it. Over 50 girls joined us on our 4th „Girls’ Day 2021“ event and proofed, that they show much more interest in STEM carreers, than we might have thought. This years event was hosted by three eminent speakers: 

Emina Okanovic-Malkic – Masters student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Sarajevo

Senka Krivic – Ph.D, Lecturer at Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Sarajevo) & IBU,

Bega Karadza – Ph.D. candidate at KU Leuven, Belgium, and

Emina Mahmutbegovic – BH Futures Foundation Alumni & Engineering @ Virgin Pulse.

Partnering with the „BH Futures Foundation“ the „Foundation for Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Transfer“ and „Masterwerk Gmbh“, we celebrated young girls in science, and got the chance to listen to their success stories, but also the negative sides of being a woman in science.

Did you know that there’s a gender gap worldwide in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce?

Also, did you know that only 25% of the STEM workforce are women?

Well we knew. Our annual Girls’ Day is our contribution to our society, to gender equality in science, and our effort to strengthen women in science and give them encouragement to follow their dreams.

This year, the girls got the chance, beside hearing inspirational stories, to learn something about automation, to operate on robots under supervision but also to get in contact with other colleagues and exchange experiences. We believe, that there is nothing more motivating, than to hear first hand about all the pros and cons of working in a STEM carrier. Also, the opportunity to operate a robot in real-life aroused curiosity and interest for the technology sector.

We surely can say, that their excitement and happy faces were absolutely worth our effort, and hope to see some girls as future STEM leaders.