The German Center for Robotics and FANUC Adria d.o.o. signed a cooperation agreement, by which DKR officially becomes the first representative of FANUC in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the only accredited center in the region to provide education under the FANUC program, with the issuance of FANUC-DKR certificates valid worldwide.

Through this partnership, DKR German Center for Robotics has become authorized to procure, sell and service industrial robots and CNC machines of the FANUC brand, as well as to store standard spare parts with the support of customers and partners.

In addition, this cooperation gives us the opportunity to provide quality support to the development of BiH industry and markets. As an integrator of robotic systems we provide our own standard solutions in the field of palletizing, welding, Robot CAM, pick and place applications and custom-built applications based on customer needs.

FANUC is one of the world’s leading company in the field of industrial automation and robotics, with more than 4 million CNC machines and 550,000 industrial robots installed worldwide. As early as 1956, it started as a manufacturer of NC and CNC machines in Japan, and today FANUC operates worldwide with a dense sales network, technical, logistical and service support.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Tomáš Ibler, director of Fanuc Adria and Muamer Babajić, founder of the German Robotics Centre Tuzla.

About the new partnership, the founder Muamer Babajić points out:

Signing a cooperation agreement with FANUC Adria is of great importance for DKR German Robotics Center because the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial robots and equipment has recognized us as a center of high quality.

The partnership gives us the opportunity to increase and expand the range of services we can provide and offer to BiH industry in the upcoming period. Changes in the world of industry and technology are happening at high speed, which means it is crucial to start acting on time and learn automation and robotics.“

DKR German Centre for Robotics is a pioneer in the region when it comes to Industrial Robotics and Automation, based in Tuzla. As a leader in providing training, design, optimization, and commissioning services for Industrial Robotic Systems, it has been operating since 2016 as an initiative of Masterwerk GmbH from Munich. The knowledge generated by working for the world’s largest automotive brands has enabled a commitment to education and support for regional and international customers working to high German standards on ABB, KUKA and FANUC industrial robotic systems.

Director of FANUC Adria d.o.o. Tomáš Ibler stated:

It is of great importance for FANUC to establish partnerships with professional and reliable companies such as DKR.

Close cooperation with the DKR German Robotics Centre gives us the opportunity to improve the support and services we offer to the BiH market, as well as the opportunity to be more successful in the market itself.”