We present you another turnkey solution directly from DKR. It is a welding system designed according to the needs of the client, ready to be implemented in the already existing production process for our partner Č.J. Bihać d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The implemented robotic welding cell consists of:

  • ABB IRB 2600 robot manipulator,
  • IRC Controller,
  • IRBP A positioner for workpiece,
  • BullsEye® – Calibration and cleaning system,
  • EWM Titan XQ 500 pulse DW welding machine with accessories,
  • Complete ancillary and safety welding equipment,

Implemented system is a cell for MIG/MAG welding, with the possibility to weld three different boilers for pellet on the same system. These boilers are standard products of the company Č.J. with different dimensions and characteristics, made of steel and stainless steel.

An additional feature is the usage of a two-axis positioner to achieve the optimal position of the workpiece in the welding process. The client is left with the possibility of expanding the welding process with several different products for production in smaller batches, which in the end increases the efficiency of process.

Robotic welding automation includes faster, consistent cycle times, no breaks in production, and overall better weld quality.  Robotic weld cells also can enhance production flow and increase worker safety, because automation of the welding process not only speeds up production, but also improves safety standards in the industry, keeping workers away from the hazardous fumes that otherwise result from the welding process.

With the implemented robotic solution, DKR has created a training plan for our partner’s employees and trains them to work directly with the robot, thus bringing added value to the partner and the sustainability of their welding process.

For more information on how to implement such a cell, modernize production and gain market advantage, contact the German Robotics Center – DKR.