Muamer Babajic, CEO of Masterwerk GmbH from Munich and one of the founders of the German Centre for Robotics in Tuzla, talks to Monica Hofmann in an interview with the prestigious magazine “Wirtschaft” of the Munich and Oberbayern Chamber of Commerce (IHK für München und Oberbayern)  mentioning DKR, as well as personal motives for business in Germany.
Read the full article: “Wirtschaft” IHK magazine – pages 38 and 39

Background and DKR
His parents are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but he was born in Erlangen in 1980 and has been living in Munich since he was 10. Entrepreneur Muamer Babajic sees himself today as a European and a regular Munich resident, who is upskilling expertise and competences of young people and thus builds bridges with his origins.

“The idea of exporting and re-importing knowledge has proved itself very successful” says Muamer to the problem of a lack skilled labour in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. The German Centre for Robotics (DKR) was launched in 2016. and officially opened together with public and private partners from Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017.

“Tuzla experts have a great reputation internationally today” adds Babajic, and continues “Besides theoretical knowledge, engineers in DKR are particulary learning how to implement automation solutions for industry. In this way, not only do they expand their own competences, but companies in the region also profit from it” says Muamer.

Opportunity for youth
To attract young engineers and always to be up to date with research work, DKR and Masterwerk work closely with universities and higher schools from Tuzla and Munich. They offer practice and joint projects for graduate and master’s thesis. “This gives students the opportunity to work on innovative projects, we profit from their ideas and we can recruit some of them,” Babajic explains, continuing “When they get involved in important projects at 23 and become a part of big things, then they really have a great future waiting for them.”

DKR and Masterwerk have become a business home to young talents: “We consider ourselves home to great engineers.” ends mr. Muamer Babajić.