On Monday, July 16, is in the German Robotics Center held 2nd Innovation Café. An event was realized by FITT and CEE Freiraum.

About 120 people visited the event. Startup was nine: Gradient, Smart Box, TraceBrace, LASONA, Herba Sens, BUENO, HTS, Smart Ball Extinguisher.

The Innovation Café was conceived in a way that start-ups in a short time, of three minutes, in the “elevator talk” model, present their product or idea to investors. In addition to causing great investor attention, startups also had the task of impressing the present guests of the event, more precisely, partners and potential future customers of their product.

Proffessor  Mirsad Hadžikadić with the topic “Advanced Technologies” and Edhem Eddie Čustović with the topic “Innovation as an Economic Imperative” are both left the audience breathless and once again demonstrated their knowledge and ability to pass on knowledge, experience and emotions. Through their presentations, besides the professional things they have shared with the audience, they are actively working and I believe they have been able to motivate young people and students from the audience.

As part of the CEE FREIRAUM project, young starters will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop a set of skills that will help them enter the big door of the overseas market.