On Thursday, 28th of January 2021., seven brand new FANUC robots model M-20iD/25 arrived at the German Center for Robotics in Tuzla.

This model offers high performance in a small footprint. It is ideal for servicing machines, as well as for handling and positioning in factory environments. To ensure the best possible access, the robot has a compact manipulator, and thanks to its new and improved design it offers significaly higher speed and motion performance.

This six-axle robot has increased working envelope, and is perfect for load capacity of up to 25kg, comes with a curved smooth surface manipulator to prevent dust accumulation and with FANUC’s standard R-30iB robot controller also equipped with iPendant for easy access to software functions and as easy code creation. 

Installation is quite simple, and the operating costs of this robot are low. In the coming period, DKR engineers will perform preparatory programming of robots to prepare them for installation and commissioning with clients.

It should be emphasized that this is already the second delivery of robots in the new year, and if you are interested in cooperation or are interested in more about robotics, be free to contact us via email: info@dkr.ba