We are sure that the founding stone, who we will set together, will bring us with him new possibilities, as for the German and European industry so for the market and industry of West Balkan. An especial contribution will be given to educational institutions and practical applications for all pupils, students, absolvents and tutors from all over the region. One of the main goals is education and skill and knowledge acquisition from the fields of robotics, said the owner of Masterwerk, Muamer Babajić.

The goal of the project is the foundation and establishment of the German Center for Robotics DKR which will be used for educations in Tuzla. The center will besides his activities offer advisory services in the process of modernization of regional industries. Masterwerk GmbH is the company behind the start of this project, while MBT BH d.o.o. is our partner on this project. The German Center for Robotics DKR is part of the develoPPP.de program which is backed by the German Ministry for economic cooperation and development – BMZ which is carried out by Sequa GmbH.

The opening of DKR will be arranged on the 22nd of March 2017, when the center will start to work at its full capacity.

Source: akta.ba