Today’s manufacturing is unthinkable without the use of machines, and for a while now, we have been working on complete automation of production processes, which speeds up the work, reduces errors and ensures the safety of workers, equipment and the environment.

A CNC machine is exactly that kind of an automated device that is managed by special instructions in G-code. G-code represents instructions that describe the movement along the axes of the coordinate system and the rotation around each axis. To achieve the best possible precision of the machine, each motor has a defined function, ie a specific position that they must occupy.

We can distinguish between CNC routers and CNC milling machines and lathes, where CNC routers are smaller and lighter machines used for engraving and processing of softer materials, while CNC milling machines and lathes are massive machines used for wood and metal processing.

The use of CNC machines ensures a high level of precision that is difficult to achieve manually, saves time and reduces the amount of waste. One of those machines is the FANUC ROBODRILL α-D21MiA5 CNC machine, a few of its kind in our part of the country. High productivity by high speed, high precision and high power, together with excellent reliability, maintainability, simple user interface and easy integration with FANUC robots are what distinguish this machine above other machines.

This machine has more than 3000 working hours of quality educated CNC Programmers in our Centre in just over a year with an uncounted number of hours dedicated to the customized solutions in the industry.

Find out from our experts why a CNC machine is useful in the industry and how you can become an excellent CNC operator/programmer!