With the goal of improving personal and organizational performances, the first candidates that in the past period of time successfully finished the free education for programming industrial robots, yesterday, in the German Competence Center DKR, were given certificates. The goal of the education was to acquire knowledge and practical experience, as well as forming professional staff that will be able to offer different services that are adjusted to the needs of users of newest KUKA and ABB control systems.

Twelve candidates, through this course, learnt how to use and control robots on BASIC and PRO levels. To the end of September 2017, 60 candidates are planned to get a free education for programming industrial robots. At this moment, most candidates are interested in the program named “Soft Skills 1 & 2”, through which the candidates can improve their social and communication skills, as well as perfect their leadership and communication in a modern business environment.

The German Center for Robotics is located in the renewed and modernly equipped business rooms of SKPC Mejdan (Pedestrian zone), and was solemnly opened in march this year. Besides education, DKR offers services of front-end engineering, programming of robot systems, as well as industrial automatization.

…because we move the future!