A Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Sarajevo, the Foundation for Innovation, Technology and Transfer of Knowledge (FITT) and the Strascheg (SCE) Business Center, Munich, Germany, was signed on Friday 8 June 2018 at the Rectorate of the University of Sarajevo.

Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the rector prof. Dr. Rifat Skrijelj, Founder of FITT Mr. Muamer Babajic and Director of SCE prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer. Trilateral cooperation has been established around transferring knowledge, technology, entrepreneurship, initial support and other activities that can be provided by the parties.

As emphasized during the meeting, cooperation will take place through the establishment, development and maintenance of applied joint educational programs from entrepreneurship, business development and new technologies and also through support to entrepreneurial projects with workshops, training, network events, pooling partner resources for student entrepreneurship development projects and companies, which includes the promotion of startups, participation in research and selection of startups, provision of educational and consultancy support and helping startups in international growth.

There are various forms of cooperation included in this memorandum, such as submitting applications for innovative projects sponsored by the European industry, government organizations, or EU funding programs, as well as the development of these projects. Cooperation also included the establishment, development and maintenance of joint research programs, publications, conferences and workshops, academic mobility of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as startups, and providing support in exchange for teaching.

The Strascheg Business Center (SCE) from Munich (Germany) is engaged in fostering entrepreneurial thinking and action through education and support measures to start operations. The Foundation for Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Transfer (FITT) is an independent organization with the aim of providing support to young people in the field of robotics and technological and social innovations.

SCE and FITT are the initiators of the common initiative “CEE Freiraum” with the aim of supporting students, entrepreneurial projects and startups for the development of technical and entrepreneurial skills, technology transfer and access to the international network.

The University of Sarajevo will present the FITT and SCE programs at the faculties in the forthcoming period and provide support to the cooperation between the interested professors with FITT and SCE. Also, the University will support students who are interested in robotics and/or entrepreneurial projects and help them increase quality together with “CEE Freiraum.”

The signing of the Memorandum was also attended by Mr. Ismail Sehić, COO of the “CEE Freiraum” Project, and Vice Presidents of the University of Sarajevo: prof. Dr. Maida Cohodar-Husic, prof. Dr. Dzena Husremovic, prof. dr. Aleksandra Nikolic and prof. Zijad Mehic.